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It’s a sign of the Tines

August 6, 2010 - 4:16 pm

Wolfy's Hot Dogs - ChicagoIt would be hard to find a more appropriate signage solution for a Chicago hot dog joint than this one. Wolfy’s has been a fixture on the North Side for 40+ years; and their iconic and whimsical sign is a testament to spot-on branding.  
And what’s not to to like, really. The oversized shiny red link on the angled fork seems like it dropped from the sky and skewered itself perfectly. The campy angular letters on an angular red field. Excellent. The Vienna Beef sign below gives the place some cred, though it seems as if that may have been added later, along with the lighting fixture on the left edge of the sign. (its notable that Vienna Beef also uses the skewered link in its branding…. hmmm.)
All in all, this is an example of a simple idea, done well, that speaks perfectly to what this place is about. Nice.

They also serve an excellent hot dog. (albeit smaller than the one shown above)


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